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*kf Frameworks Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use *kf's filtering "frameworks". These are regular MATLAB functions that can act as several different types of filters and are useful for prototyping or any time that speed and code generation aren't needed. They're like a "light" version of the *kf engine -- a small hammer, when a sledge hammer is just too much.


Problem Statement

Several services are looking at delivering products to house via unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These generally take the form of quadcopters or other vehicles kept aloft with several rotors. How do these companies expect to get close enough to deliver their products without damaging people/pets/property with those rotors? We don't know. Let's suppose they intend to drop their products from about 50 ft up. That should avoid most of the potential conflicts. Let's suppose that, after delivery, we want to track the falling package.

Some Code


ans =
    1.0830   -0.2277    1.6904   -2.0412    0.4892
   -0.0413    0.1061   -1.4194   -0.6766    1.8695
    0.6982    0.4016    0.8009   -0.4881   -0.9728
   -0.3997    0.7933    0.3743   -2.6847   -1.6353
   -0.3682    0.1688   -0.9334   -0.6984    0.8523

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